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3D Printing

February 10, 2014
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A ‘3-D Printer’ creates three dimensional objects in plastic, just like your ‘2-D’ Ink Jet printer creates two dimensional drawings on paper.  I like to think of it as a hot glue gun on a moving platform, guided by a really steady hand. We have a MakerBot Replicator 2 printer, and I decided to see […]

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Project Time Sheet

November 28, 2012
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This week’s fun request: a simple time sheet that can be used to allocate project time cost to different users. For example, if six users share an administrative assistant, he can track time spent for each of the ‘bosses’! In Excel, it’s pretty straightforward – date / project name / how many minutes are to […]

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Google Power

October 17, 2012
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We get lots of ‘computer questions’.  Sometimes we know the answer immediately, and that’s great for everybody!  But just as often, people escalate the tough issues to us. Fortunately, it’s pretty rare that you have encountered a truly new or unique problem.    There are probably around 900 billion computers / users in the world.  Most […]

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Productivity Today

June 27, 2012
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What if you could do something on  your computer just a little bit faster?   Does it make a difference? I love the big automation projects – turn a 20 hour process into an hour.   But the little ones matter too.  If you find a new way of doing something that saves you 10 minutes a […]

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Computer Science 101

June 19, 2012
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My kids have used computers from the beginning of time.   They sat on my lap and banged on the keyboards with me (in those days keyboards were made of steel and could take it).  Computers have always been just part of our life. But they are still learning new stuff everyday.   I do too, and […]

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Directory Assistance

May 8, 2012
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Usually we do automation projects for a simple reason – to simplify processes and save time and money.   But sometimes we do them just because we can ! My wife was preparing the annual updates to our Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Directory.   The paper document we inherited appeared to have been printed with a string of […]

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Automated Checkout

May 1, 2012
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I like checklists a lot.   We use them for many kinds of tasks – computer builds, monthly maintenance, setting up new users, and lots more.   A checklist represents our ‘Best Practices’ – it’s the combined knowledge of all of us available to each of us. Each of our checklists has a critical, last item -“Revise […]

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