Complete Lack of Knowledge

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by Steve Deal on March 22, 2013

Library of knowledge

Never let complete lack of knowledge prevent you from solving the  Customer’s problem

We are often asked to solve problems with computer systems that we have never seen before.  That includes new computers, operating systems, and programs.

It turns out it really doesn’t matter.  If you have the right attitude, and the right methodologies, you can usually fix most anything.

There is a common structure to programs, and there is a surprising amount of documentation built in.  You can pick up the basics of most programs in minutes.  There are common debugging methods that apply to most situations.

I’ve never seen the software that runs nuclear reactors.    But I would expect to see data import/export, display views, configuration preferences  and ‘help’.  Read about the software on Google a few minutes. Then play with it a bit – ooo look, when I click this button that box over there turns bright red!  Maybe in this case, I’ll call my friend Dan that works at a nuclear plant.

You usually surprise yourself.   We often underestimate the conceptional knowledge we have about computers – how things ‘usually’ work, cause and effect.

Try it yourself!  And when you get good at it, call us – we have a job for you !

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