Fire in the Hole !

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by Steve Deal on April 13, 2012

In real buildings, a ‘Firewall’ is just that – a wall that stops fire from spreading.

When you connect your PC to the internet, you need something similar.    Without some kind of firewall, malicious programs can locate and infect your PC – without you doing a thing.  It happens in about 5 minutes on average!

At home, you may already have a router built into the modem you got from the Cable/DSL company.

The quick test – Start / All Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt, and type ‘ipconfig’.  If you have a address that starts with ‘192.168.’ you are behind a firewall of some kind.

If you don’t have a firewall, you can easily add a hardware router/firewall (e.g, Cisco Linksys or Netgear), which will also allow you to share your connection with other users.  Yes, there is a ‘software’ firewall built into Windows now, but we recommend hardware.

For businesses, we use SonicWALL routers.   These connect multiple computers, act as a firewall, and also can block viruses and other malware before it ever enters your network.



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