Gone Fishin’

Flying Fish

by Steve Deal on April 19, 2012

Hey, I’ve been having trouble with the ATM at the bank lately.  Can I borrow your debit card and test it out some this week?

That just sounds fishy to me.    And it’s similar to what crooks do in emails these days.  Instead of trying to infect your computer, they try to infect you!  The email you get is crafted to get you to divulge some personal information (logons or banking),  or to get you to help with the infection by clicking links.

This is called a ‘Phishing’ attack. The Department of Defense has a nice mini-course – check it out.

At the corporate level, we are able to block most Phishing emails as part of an AntiSpam package.  But some will get through, so you still have to be careful to to fall for any bad fish!

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