AWLINK AgencyWorks Extender

The Agency Integrator (AgencyWorks) product from iPipeline is a great management tool for insurance general agencies.  It’s one place to capture, manage and organize your data about agents, policies and carriers.   This data is all safely stored on their servers, and accessed via your browser (Internet Explorer).

But what do you do when you just need quickly to call an agent, or print an address label?

What if you want do do a ‘one-off’ query of the database, or a very special report?

AWLINK is the answer!  The AWLINK Download module makes a local copy of your AgencyWorks data.

Custom Reports

AWLINK creates a local Microsoft Access database, updated daily.  Access comes with great query and reporting tools.  You can create custom reports:

  • Pending Business
  • Production by Agent
  • Anything you can query!

Microsoft Outlook Contacts

If you use Outlook in the office, there’s also an Outlook Contact Link module.   This updates a shared contact folder in Outlook.

Everyone can have instant access to Agent contact information.   It’s the quick way to make a call, or print an address label.


Q. Exactly how does it work?

A.  AgencyWorks creates nightly ‘snapshots’ of your data.   AWLINK connects to iPipeline servers, and downloads a copy to your network.    It’s formatted as a standard Microsoft Access database.

Q. Is it secure?

A.  AWLINK uses an secure connection to iPipeline.   You select a secure pass phrase with iPipeline that is used to encrypt all data in transit.  Only you will ever have access to your data.

Q. What are the requirements?

  • Windows Server 2003+ (for a shared network install) or Windows XP/7 (for a standalone copy)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 / 2010
  • Microsoft Access 2010 (recommended)

Q. Do I need to know Microsoft Access?

A.  Yes, if you want to do your own queries and reports (it’s easy!).   Your local IT support person can also help, or we can help you develop reports and applications tailored to your needs.

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